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It is understood and agreed that in the event of a SS warning, I/We will make every reasonable effort to safeguard the vessel and/or its equipment, including but not limited to removing/stowing of sails, bimini cover, loose items, outriggers and antennas.
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 I hereby declare that all the information I have given on the proposal form is correct at the time of signing and that I understand I would be obliged to inform insurers of any changes that occur during the policy period and that failure to do so could invalidate this contract insurance. I also declare that if anything on this form was written by another person he/she acted as my agent for this purpose. 
Clicking below does not bind the proposer to complete this insurance. The Company reserves the right to decline any proposal. The Proposer should keep a record of all information supplied to the Insurer for the purpose of entering into the Contract, and a copy of this Proposal will be supplied on request, within a period of three months after completion.This insurance Contract will be placed with an Insurer located outside the European Community and therefore as a non-authorised or permitted Insurer you will not be protected by any Policy Holder Protection Acts or Data Protection Acts within the European community that may apply.
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